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Studying in Manchester : Olivia’s Testimonial

Manchester is a vibrant city where academia meets cultural richness. To give us an insight into studying at The University of Manchester, we spoke to Olivia, who has just completed her first year of a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Management (Marketing).

By way of background, Olivia has dual French and British nationality and completed her French Baccalauréat with specializations in SES (Economics and Social Sciences) and HGGSP (History, Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science). Her IGCSEs (International General Certificates in Secondary Education) further enrich her academic background.

The city of Manchester

Studying Management at The University of Manchester

Management programs start with a common first year, providing a solid foundation before allowing you to specialise in the second year for enhanced career opportunities.

You can choose from a wide range of course units to personalise your degree. The BSc Management (Marketing) option is tailored for those interested in strategic marketing management, covering areas such as market research, product development, brand management, integrated marketing communications and retailing.

We asked Olivia if the course was what she expected and she confirmed that it was, saying that « the lecturers are very good, and the course content is interesting ». She told us that the wide range of topics covered in the first year makes it easier to choose what to specialise in during the second year.

Navigating course challenges

One unexpected challenge Olivia faced was the level of maths required for her course. She advised that it would be beneficial to have a deeper understanding of mathematics than just the IGCSE level required. She has found it necessary to put in a lot of extra work but said that « the lecturers are very nice and can help us ».

With 15 to 16 hours of tutorials and lectures a week, coupled with an equal amount of self-study, time management is key. Olivia stresses that meticulous notetaking throughout the year and completing all the required reading is essential for success in the end-of-year exams.

Beyond the lecture halls

The University of Manchester offers a kaleidoscope of opportunities beyond academics. With a myriad of societies to explore for extra-curricular activities. Olivia decided not to join too many societies in her first year as she wanted to integrate. She chose to join Running and French, where she is looking forward to using her French language skills to teach French in her second year and hopes to join the Dance Society soon.

Golden advice for prospective students in the UK

For students considering studying in the UK or in Manchester, Olivia offers some valuable advice. She stresses the importance of carefully considering the course content to ensure that it matches your personal aspirations. She also recommends choosing Fallowfield as your student residence in Manchester. Here you can immerse yourself in the epicentre of campus life and, as a big bonus, there is a cleaning service for added convenience!

student in marketing in Manchester

Why choose the University of Manchester

Founded in 1824, the University has proudly built a legacy of academic brilliance and global influence for almost two centuries. Renowned for its teaching and research, the University is a multicultural haven where students from diverse backgrounds come together to ensure that international students find a home away from home.

Here are six reasons why you should consider choosing Manchester:

  1. Ranking and reputation – The University of Manchester has a global reputation for excellence in education.
  2. Embracing diversity – With the largest Students’ Union in the UK,  the university has created an inclusive space with over 400 societies. Students can immerse themselves in activities that match their interests, while benefiting from exceptional support services.
  3. State-of-the-art facilities – research partnerships and extensive libraries provide students with unparalleled opportunities for academic and personal development.
  4. World-class courses – The University of Manchester offers world-class courses across a range of disciplines, emphasising research-led teaching and interdisciplinary collaboration. From business, engineering and medicine to the humanities and social sciences, the University’s courses are internationally recognised.
  5. Stunning international campus – With around 40,000 students from 160 countries, the University offers a multicultural campus. There is a blend of classical and contemporary architecture that provides an optimal learning environment.
  6. The City of Manchester – Beyond academia, Manchester is a dynamic city known for its vibrant music scene, artistic creativity and international sporting events. Its friendly atmosphere and accessible transport make it a welcoming and exciting place to live.

University Scholarships

Dedicated to equal opportunities for all, the University of Manchester offers scholarships that support international students from every corner of the globe. These initiatives aim to recognise academic achievement, promote diversity, and break down financial barriers, contributing to a vibrant academic community.

Uk bachelors en Grande Bretagne, candidature avec Expat Student et un accompagnement de A à Z

Why choose to study in the UK

There are a number of reasons why international students should choose to study in the UK.

Globally respected degrees

Degrees gained from higher education providers in the UK are held in high esteem worldwide. The extensive range of subjects, coupled with innovative teaching styles and modern facilities, ensures qualifications stands out to perspective employers. Internationally recognised British universities push students to excel, boasting standards that rank high on the global stage.

Abundant work opportunities

International students in the UK have the flexibility to work up to 20 hours a week during term time and 40 hours per week during vacation. This opens the door to part-time jobs and internships, allowing students to gain new skills and earn money while studying. Universities often facilitate internships as part of the course, giving students a competitive edge in the job market after graduation.

The UK government’s post-study visa allows international students to stay and work in the UK for an additional two years after graduation. This provides a valuable opportunity for graduates to gain practical experience in their field and further enhance their career prospects.

The UK offers students a varied lifestyle and rich culture.

No matter where in the UK you choose to study, a rich culture and plethora of activities awaits, from art galleries and bars to concerts and open-air markets. The country’s diverse landscape ensures that students can always find something to entertain themselves, outside of class hours.

application to University of Manchester

Application process and practical considerations for the University of Manchester

General requirements:

  • Successful applications must meet both general entry requirements and the specific criteria for their chosen course.
  • The university accepts many overseas qualifications, and it’s essential to verify the accepted qualifications.
  • English language proficiency at a specified level is a mandatory requirement.

Undergraduate applications:

All students, both UK and international, must apply for undergraduate courses through UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service).

Postgraduate applications:

For those interested in postgraduate study, detailed requirements and the application process can be found on the University of Manchester’s postgraduate admissions page.

Other pre application considerations

  • Application deadlines apply to all courses and differ according to the chosen course and university.
  • Tuition fees and living costs will vary based on the location of the university and the course you choose.
  • The amount needed to cover living costs varies and larger cities tend to be more expensive.
  • International students need a visa to study in the UK, with specific requirements for work permits and English language qualifications.
  • The level of English proficiency will be specified by course providers and must be confirmed with an approved English language test.
  • First-year students often reside in university halls of residence, but various accommodation options are available.

Ace the application process with Expat Student

If you are aspiring to join the prestigious University of Manchester or another UK university for your higher education, Expat Student is here to guide you. We ensure a simplified, seamless application process tailored to your unique strengths and weaknesses.

We specialise in preparing students for assessments, including video interviews and entrance tests, helping you to showcase your best qualities confidently.

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