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About Expat Student

Learn more about Expat Student, your key to studying stress-free in the UK!

Portrait of Louise Thomson, Fernet Expat Student Managing Director, featured in the article 'About
Louise Thomson Fernet
Owner & managing director
Behind Expat Student

Expat Student specializes in assisting high school students with their university applications, particularly for prestigious institutions in the UK, Europe, and Canada.

The organization was established by Louise Thomson Fernet, who, recognizing the challenges and opportunities in international education, sought to create a platform that would broaden the horizons for students worldwide. Under her leadership, Expat Student has grown to offer a wider range of services, now catering to students who are not only pursuing their undergraduate studies but also those seeking to advance their education with Master’s degrees in foreign countries.

At the heart of Expat Student’s mission is a commitment to aligning with the personal ambitions and goals of each student. The team, driven by a blend of enthusiasm, determination, and a well-structured approach, takes great care in guiding students towards finding the university that not only meets their academic needs but also aligns with their long-term career aspirations. This personalized approach ensures that students are not just placed in any university, but in one where they can truly thrive and achieve their full potential.

It is with enthusiasm, determination and methodology that we guide each student to access the university that is the best suited to their personal goals.

Our mission :
Your pathway to success

Drawing from personal experience with her children’s international university applications, Louise recognizes the complexities involved. Expat Student’s holistic support is grounded in a thorough evaluation of each student’s academic needs, leveraging extensive knowledge of various university systems to ensure successful applications.

Why Expat Student ?

Six compelling reasons to use Expat Student's expertise

In-depth Application Process Knowledge

Mastery over every aspect of the application process, including critical deadlines.

University Collaboration

A deep understanding of university expectations to enhance admission chances.

International Perspective

Expertise in showcasing the strengths of students from diverse educational backgrounds.


A commitment to student goals without allegiance to any university.

Strong University Relations

Beneficial connections with admissions officers.

Individual care

Dedicated, step-by-step guidance for each student.

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Years Experience
University fairs

Expat Student regularly participates in key American  Higher Education Fairs.


In-school Presentation

Expats Student offers in-school presentations and workshops for students and parents where we explain the international Higher Education options and discuss their relevance.

We also provide advice to school staff who are unfamiliar with the different application systems (UCAS, Studielink, etc).

Ask your Head Teacher to call us to organise a meeting.

Our UK results

Of our students received conditional offers
0 %
UCAS offers on average
0 /5
Average duration of our assistance
0 year

We have helped them to join a wide variety of bachelors programmes including:

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On the road to success after trusting Expat Student

Louise is a great help and very good advice; she accompanied our daughter to obtain a Master’s degree offer at the RCA in London.

Marie Parent of a student accepted in RCA London

Louise has accompanied our daughter remarkably throughout her application process abroad. She helped her to refine her project, to select the courses in line with her academic record, and to prepare her applications. It is a long road which began the year of her penultimate school year and which ends with several proposals for Universities in the UK. Louise always took the time to answer our questions as parents and made no mistakes in any of her recommendations. Our daughter is going to UCL which was her first choice and we are absolutely delighted to have chosen Epat student to accompany us.

Pascale - Parents Offers from UCL, Bath, Warwick, Manchester pour Business Management

“I highly recommend Expat Student. Why ? It’s a team on a human scale that’s there for you at all times with all your questions, and that manages procedures and deadlines that aren’t always easy for parents to understand. Seriousness, availability, attentiveness and great professionalism are the qualities of Expat Student. What’s more, the team built up a relationship of trust with my son, understood his personality perfectly and was able to recommend what suited him best. If one of your children is going abroad to study, trust them with your eyes closed. Many thanks to the whole team.

Sandra parent of a student with offers from UCL, LSE, Warwick, Bath et King’s College London

Our students got accepted there!

university of bath
3 college university london
british colombia
hec montreal
kings college university 1
london eco
st andrews
university of bath
university of birmingham 1
university of manchester
vrije 1
Managing director's interview

Expat Student’s mission is to assist young individuals, as well as their parents, in achieving success in their international educational endeavors.

They recommend us

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